ASMCA Breakfast Event


The ASMCA is pleased to sponsor a breakfast presentation, to be held on March 6th, 2018, that focuses entirely on the strength of the Independent.

TOPIC: The Strategies of the Independents in the Supermarket Sector

The focus is a specific conversation on where the Independent market currently rests and the suggestion that they are on the verge of regaining market share. What are the strategies that they are implementing and planning? How will this affect your business plans and what opportunities await the active supplier companies?

This is a unique opportunity to hear the strategic plans from those who are in charge.


  1. Introduction by MC with 5-minute preview of the logic of the topic and the state of the industry.


  1. 8:00am Craig Woolford, Director of Consumer Research, CitiGroup, The condition of the market, the share direction of the players and the forecast for change. What are the bright lights for the Independent sector, including P&C? How are the Independent reacting to the market and what effect will new entrants to the market have on each sector? (20-minutes +/-, AV available to suit)


  1. 8:25am Clementine Churchill, Promotions Manager, Campbell Arnotts, Overview of current Promotional strategies of the market. What impacts/changes will new entrants such as Kaufland have on current promotional strategies? How should Chains & Independents respond in the light of these impacts/changes? (20-minutes +/-, AV available to suit)


  1. 8:45am Anthony George, GM Merchandise Commercial and Strategy, Metcash, The Independents have the strategies and the energy for growth. This overview of the Independent market shows clear opportunity for growth. How the independents will grow in this dynamic and competitive market. (30-minutes +/-, AV available to suit)


  1. Q&A; A panel session taking questions from the audience and continuing the discussion on the Independents gaining share. (20-minutes +/-,)

Event Details

Location: SoHo Lounge, Jones Bay Wharf

Address: Level 3, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Ticket Price: $165.00pp

Buffet Breakfast: Included

Starting Time: 7:00am for guests,  7:30 for speakers

Closing time: 9:00am

2018/03/06 07:00:00

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